After reading the definition, one may think it does not sound too difficult, but for many it can be overwhelming.  This is precisely the reason to break it down to manageable bites.

First we should review the benefits:

  • Our home will be cleared out
  • We will save money
  • There will be less to move when the time dictates
  • More importantly, it will lessen our stress level

Remember, we will not concentrate on the entire home, but rather focus on a small bite; a closet.

  • Begin by taking a "before" picture
  • Grab a plastic trash bag and commit to filling it
  • Throw out all outdated medicines and old or worn linens
  • Remove all items that do not belong in that closet
  • Fold neatly and organize the remaining linens

Sometimes it is helpful to use decorative baskets on the shelves.  They will help create additional order and space and look very pleasing.  When the project is complete, snap another picture and post it where you can view it, this will help to re-energize you and affirm your tremendous accomplishment.

Pat yourself on the back and begin to build your new constitution of living in harmony in your space, the essence of "feng shui"...leaving behind an environment of discord.